Project description:  In reaction to news that the recently elected presidential administration planned to cut Planned Parenthood assistance, a grassroots group formed to help raise funds for this important organization. Their efforts culminated in an art exhibition that was first was held in New York City which raised over $40K on its opening night. Riding their wave, Paula reached out to the NYC team and asked permission to recreate the event in the Bay. They supported the idea and also introduced her to another couple of women who had also gotten in touch with the same interest in mind. And that is the short story of how three complete strangers came together to pull together a fantastic event for an even greater cause.

Christina Campbell, Victoria Ayres, and Paula Berggren then recruited a team of volunteers and partnered with Oakland's Impact Hub to host the two week event, which showcased work of over 100 local artists. All work was for sale and profits went directly to Planned Parenthood. To their amazement and joy, opening night attendance tallied over 3,000 people and they raised over $20K for Planned Parenthood through their efforts.

Role:  Design direction, Project lead, head curator, project manager, space planner, finance oversight, volunteer coordinator

Opening night 

Opening night

Event volunteer staff

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